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Tim Anstiss
Founder, Medical Director and CEO

Tim is a medical doctor, specialising in health behaviour change, mental health and wellbeing improvement. He has trained thousands of staff in motivational interviewing, brief interventions and health coaching and worked on several national and international health programmes. As medical adviser to the Rugby Players Association he helped develop and deliver the #LiftTheWeight mental health campaign and is currently working with the British Medical Association running a series of half day seminars and an online course to help busy doctors protect and improve (and recover) their mental health and wellbeing. Tim has published several papers and book chapters on various aspects of health and coaching and is a popular international speaker and presenter. He is a part-time lecturer on the MSc in Coaching and Behaviour Change for Henley Business School. Tim led the design of a children’s cancer app for the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust and the Teenage Cancer Trust and recently led the patient co-design phase of a virtual reality intervention for people with cancer at the Royal Marsden Hospital funded by a £100,000 grant from MacMillan Cancer care, as well as physical activity, smoking and wellbeing improvement apps for the Darlington Healthy New Town project. Tim is a former international athlete (pole vault) and contender on ITV’s Gladiators. He was also one of the Slough 50 in the BBC documentary ‘Making Slough Happy’

Ogi Bataveljic
Chief Technical Officer

Ogi is an experienced technology entrepreneur and executive with a track record in the creation and delivery of complex intelligent systems in the health & wellness market. He is passionate about building and leading teams that create exciting innovative technologies, especially those with a social benefit dimension. Under his technical leadership, the AXA PPP Health Services became a leader in technology-enabled services within the UK healthcare sector. Before this Ogi was co-Founder and CTO of Imperative Health Ltd, a spin-out from Unilever. He led the design, development and deployment of Imperative’s Health behaviour change technology, including software platform (automated coaching service) and hardware devices (wireless biometric monitoring). Under his technical leadership, Imperative Health developed arguably the world’s leading automated health behaviour change system at the time, comprising a sophisticated, unique mix of social psychology, cardio-vascular health strategies, biometric monitoring devices and adaptive machine learning algorithms. The system was able to deliver consistently high user activation and continuing engagement as well as changes in significant health outcomes (e.g. increased physical activity, weight management, reduction in blood pressure, reduce CVD risk factor score) with studies were published in 3 peer-reviewed health journals.

Matthew Burton McFaul
User Interface and User Experience Lead

Matt is a veteran interface and app designer - formerly design advisor for the product wing of Microsoft Research: MSR NExT. Matt has designed over 100 products in the gaming and app space, including educational games for the BBC, original Facebook games with millions of players, and popular computer vision and machine learning powered apps like Microsoft Fetch!. Matt brings skills and experience in Brand Design, Web App and Game Design, Large TV and Entertainment Clients, Facebook games (played by millions), Serious Games for industry, education and health, UX wireframes, storyboarding, fast demos and final production. His coding experience includes JQuery, HTML, CSS Adobe Suite expert, Flash animation and motion graphics.

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