Virtual Health Labs


Everyone can access all the coaching and guidance they need to live their best possible life


To help millions of people make changes associated with improved health and wellbeing.

Who are we?

Virtual Health Labs is a UK-based, digital health company focusing on helping people make changes that likely to be associated with improved health, wellbeing and quality of life.
Our team consists of seasoned industry professionals with considerable experience and track record across multiple disciplines such as Positive Psychology, coaching, behavioural science, health interventions, complex healthcare systems, AI, machine learning, adaptive systems, user-cantered design, gamification and data science.   
We develop intelligent conversational agents that are deeply rooted in evidence-based interventions and delivered using best in class emerging and established technologies.


Our solutions focus as much on people who are ‘not yet ready’ to change as those who are ready and one of our unique features is the use of a Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focussed coaching framework - in contrast to a more therapy-based approaches.
We don’t see ourselves as competing with other apps in the digital health ecosystem – rather, we see ourselves as augmenting them.
Our proprietary suite of conversational agents can be white-labelled and customised to different user groups, behaviours, conditions, risk-factors, care settings and health service providers.
Our clients include several NHS trusts, local authorities, psychological services providers, charities and public health institutes, both in the UK and internationally.

Dr Tim Anstiss
Founder, Medical Director and CEO

Tim is a medical doctor, specialising in health behaviour change, mental health and wellbeing improvement. He has trained thousands of staff in motivational interviewing, brief interventions and health coaching and worked on international health programmes.
He has published several papers and book chapters on health and coaching and is a popular international speaker.

Ogi Bataveljic
Chief Technical Officer

Ogi is an experienced technology entrepreneur and executive with a track record in the creation and delivery of complex intelligent systems in the health & wellness market. He is passionate about building and leading teams that create exciting innovative technologies, especially those with a social benefit dimension.

Matthew Burton McFaul

Matt is a former design advisor for the product wing of Microsoft Research: MSR NExT. Matt has designed over 100 products in the gaming and app space, including educational games for the BBC, original Facebook games with millions of players, and popular computer vision and machine learning powered apps.


We have currently have four digital health solutions
The Pocket Health Coach ®

An automated, white label digital heath coach to help people think about and make changes likely to be associated with improved health, wellbeing and/or quality of life over time. Incorporating elements of motivational interviewing, positive psychology and other behavior change techniques. Can be customised for different target audiences (patients, staff, students, etc), contexts, conditions, or issues.

Nudgebots ® and Coachbots®

A suite of customisable smart coachbots which can be plugged into existing website to help people change. Underpinned by a motivational interviewing algorithm to engage users in a non-judgmental, person-centred interaction designed to strengthen their readiness to change. Can also be plugged into an care pathway to support physical activity, dietary change, service uptake, mental wellbeing, changes to drinking, smoking cessation and other desired outcomes.

The Prepared Patient

A co-designed conversational agent developed with funding from NHSE personalised care group, the prepared patient agent helps patients and others become better prepared for an upcoming appointment or service. Currently exploring how it can support people on long waits and about to attend out-patients.


An immersive virtual reality experience designed to help users rebalance their 3 main emotional regulation systems (Threat, Drive, Rest and Digest) whilst learning about and practicing a range of psychological wellbeing exercises and skills which will serve them well outside of VR. Pilot study conducted in Cancer Settings, currently exploring prototype in correctional settings.